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Monuments and Memorials




A monument is a special way for those left behind to remember a special life lived. It is a symbol of your heritage, history, legacy, and a story that must be told. We at Conway-Markham Funeral Home understand the importance of this symbol and would like to give you every opportunity to personalize this memorial for you and your loved ones.


Conway-Markham Funeral Home offers a full line of Granite Monuments, Bronze Markers, Urns, Benches, and Public Memorials (veterans plaques, etc.). We would be glad to take the time to explain all of the options to help you create a unique and everlasting memorial for future generations to visit and reminisce about a loved ones life.


If you would like to learn more about your memorial options, contact Ron Markham and he would be happy to help you.




For more examples please stop in to our office and we would be glad to show you other options.


Cemetery Lights


In addition to a monument you may also add a cemetery light to have an eternal flame burning. There are two basic styles to choose from, one that has an actual candle and another that is solar powered; feel free to contact Ron Markham if you would like to see an example.