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Practical Guidance To Battle Overwhelming Grief

 At Conway-Markham Funeral Home & Cremation Services, we understand fully that crippling sadness can debilitate you physically and mentally. It takes a significant toll on your quality of life. To find a way toward healing, what actions might you take to overcome devastating grief? Follow these tips to reclaim a measure of stability and inner peace.



Put a Premium on Rest

Sleep is an essential component of a well-rounded wellness plan. Prioritize getting enough rest with set hours for bedtime and waking to optimize your physical and psychological health. If you regularly become foggy after lunch, there's nothing wrong with a brief midday nap to recharge if your routine allows it. Restrict napping to early afternoon sessions of 30 minutes or less. Alternatively, an afternoon walk can be a great way to add some pep in your step and allows you to get some fresh air and sunshine.


Establish Work-Life Balance

Overdoing it on the job can wreck you, so identify methods to reduce stress and prevent burnout. Take extra care if you are self-employed or hold a salaried career with no set hours, as responsibilities can creep into needed downtime. Design a routine that values your time by clarifying goals and defining expectations while arranging for non-negotiable periods of rest. Schedule blocks of quietness to refresh you for intervals of intense focus, and turn to relaxation techniques such as yoga and meditation to reduce stress and take your mind off work and your grief.


Find a New Job

If your job contributes to your stress in a way that’s causing you to feel physically ill or mentally stretched, it’s time to move on and find something new. For many people, working through loss actually spurs them to find new employment or a career path, so take this opportunity to make your life better. Take the time to create a polished and elegant resume to ensure you get noticed. A resume builder makes this job easier in that you can use premade templates to quickly put together a winning resume, complete with your preferred fonts and colors.


Consider Adopting a Pet

Studies indicate that bringing fur family into the home can do wonders for your mood, even for conditions as severe as post-traumatic stress. If possible, do a favor for a community and a needy animal by adopting from a shelter. Of course, such friends don't have to be four-legged or furry. Birds, reptiles, insects and arachnids have provided comfort to many folks.


Disconnect Temporarily

While technology helps keep us in the loop with loved ones anywhere in the world, too much screen time has been linked to depression and overload. Set moments in your calendar to turn your devices off and enjoy a good book, a hobby or nature. If your preferred brand of relaxation necessitates an electronic device, set notifications to "Do Not Disturb" and resist the urge to scroll through social media or check emails. Make it a practice to focus on every task or activity in life without the distraction of alerts and designate set times to respond to messages.


Draw Closer to Loved Ones

A loss may help you to appreciate friends and family more. Just 30 minutes a week chatting with a close associate can brighten your mood and theirs. You might not have enough time to call everyone when you'd like, but purchasing a pack of blank greeting cards can be an excellent motivator to share your appreciation.

Don't agonize over being eloquent in a thoughtful card. A few sentences to say you were thinking of them will usually suffice. Mention a treasured memory you shared or something that reminded you of them, along with good wishes. Since snail mail has become a rarity, the sentiment will hold greater weight than a text or email.


Study the Grieving Process

A great way to surpass an obstacle is to comprehend it fully. Putting a name to your pain can assuage feelings of loss and confusion, so read books that tackle the issues associated with grief. Get a grasp on the underlying physiological and physical factors that can exacerbate your struggle or alleviate it. Turn to groups that specialize in helping others who suffer from similar losses to your own. Equipped with a better view of your situation, you can use your understanding to assist others in coping.

 While grieving is unavoidable, it is possible to prevent it from destroying you. Work on some of these points to elevate your spirit and enjoy your life.





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