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Ron, Kris and Liz Markham would like to extend a warm welcome to our website. Whether you are seeking current funeral service information or are in need of directions to one of our locations, we hope you find this site useful.

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We are proud to announce that Conway-Markham Funeral Home has been honored with distinction of becoming a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business. The Markham family looks forward to working with the Better Business Bureau in promoting a high standard of ethical business relationships within the communities we serve.

Because We Care - June Edition

Cremation’s growing trend… With cremation rates on the rise families are able to choose between a number of cremation providers.  In a recent conversation with a family who made their decision on a provider based on cost and simplicity alone they were unaware of the lack of services that would be provided.  This family was informed all they needed to do was make a phone call and everything would be taken care of… However, in reality upon that first phone call the family was left with no direction.  They were left alone to make various decisions and contacts while struggling to move through the grieving process at the same time.  Eventually, through the advice of a relative this family contacted my office to seek assistance with several items.

As I met with them I was able to see the pain and frustration they were feeling in not having the guidance of a funeral director.  They were shocked to learn that so many of the issues they were dealing with, we as professionals handle for the families we serve.  Items such as contacting media sources, arranging the memorial service, coordinating luncheons and filing the proper legal documents, etc.  They were being cheated out of their natural ability to grieve.  This family quickly realized that having a funeral director there to care for these tasks gave them important time needed to spend with their family and friends.

As funeral directors, we are honored to be the source of guidance when our neighbors are grieving the loss of a loved one.  Know that regardless of the type or size of service your family chooses, we are here to help make it as stress-free and personal as possible, as we understand how difficult this time is.